Kollektiv OutSight

Steffi und Violetta im Portrait

Together with musician and composer Steffi Baron-Neuhuber I have been creating multimedia works together as Kollektiv OutSight since 2011, which are created in exchange with women* from different countries and artistic disciplines. The focus is on the experiment and the socio-political issues, as well as providing more visibility for women* in art.

Projects at:
Nationalgalerie Mala Stanica, Skopje (MKD)
Friday Exit, Vienna (AT)
Rathaus, Vienna (AT)
Raw Matters, Vienna (AT)
New Zero Art Gallery, Yangon (MYA)

Performance “Diarrhoese Diarien”, Raw Matters, 2013

Performance “OKO” with Ana Lazarevska
Nationalgallery Mala Stanica, Skopje (MKD) 2014