power of devour

ongoing archive and participatory installation

created as part of the solo show „Delphi 2.0 (Phyto-Pythia)“, Mz* Baltazar’s Lab 

Thank you for the support: Bildrecht, Kulturkommission Brigittenau

exhibition views: Mz* Baltazar’s Lab, 2022
photo: Janine Schranz

Recognize yourself- exhibition text

The future has always been a projection surface for people’s hopes and plans, but it is always influenced by uncertainty and the fears that accompany it, thus complicating or even blocking the possible realization of those. To face these, to deal with them positively and to work on them collectively is the topic of another interactive action.

With edible, bright colors and glitter, visitors are invited to declare war on their innermost fears. Visualized on wafers, documented in the next step with a Polaroid camera and finally internalized. In this way, the artist starts an archive of collective fears to show that we are not alone and can create much more together. This is not only a motto in Leitner’s art, but also a personal belief.

Paula Marschalek
curator, art historian

installation view: Mz* Baltazar’s Lab, 2022

exhibition views: Mz* Baltazar’s Lab, 2022
photos left, up: Janine Schranz