only one can be planted

interactive video, realityshow with foreign plants

created in the frame of May I introduce: Alien 

Thanks for the support: MA 7, AIL

all exhibition views: May I introduce: Alien, Gallery SULUV, 2021
photos: Gallery SULUV

Screenrecording: Voting via Drag & Drop on May I introduce: Alien

Because only one can be planted!
Welcome to the Glasshouse  – the reality show, where it is up to you, which plant will stay and be planted!

In this past Season (Edition Serbia), three invasive alien plants faced off two so-called exotic garden center plants – every week, the visitors voted off one plant by dragging them into the garbage bin or sending them back home.

Our winner is tough, but also tangly, very pushy, but super useful, and valued at 70 mill. in Great Britain- congratulate Erich, the Japanese Knotweed- because in the end, only one can be planted!